Gracious & Grateful

gracious & grateful

to be gracious & to be grateful.

to be graceful in all that i do & to do everything with a grateful heart.

because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing.

but you have to stop. you have to stop going, going, going. you have to STOP. slow down and see what’s going on around you, see who is around you.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because i am all about remembering what i am grateful for (hence the name of this blog). one of my biggest fears is taking life for granted. i often have thoughts like, “what if my heart stopped beating right NOW, right this second, would i be full-filled with my life?”. if the answer to that question is no, then i change something. i STOP and i figure out how to be better and how to live my life better.

i re-center myself and focus on the things that bring me joy and love.

one of the many ways you can constantly be focusing on gratitude is to make sure you are creating the habit of stopping and thinking about what you are grateful for. i do this by taking my planner that i use to make to do lists as well as plan out my day and i write “10 things”. every day. i write 10 things i am grateful for. 10 THINGS. some days when i am super moody and just feeling down right ungrateful, i literally write “breathing” or “cheeseburgers” (but lets face the facts, i am ALWAYS grateful for cheeseburgers!). Other days when i feel sentimental and super grateful i go into deeper answers to the “10 things” list. it doesn’t have to be a perfect list and it doesn’t have to be fancy, you can be grateful for anything from the dirty laundry to your education. just CHOOSE to be grateful for something, not just around the holidays, but all the time. choose joy and choose to have a grateful heart.

when i was thinking about starting a blog the thing that was stopping me (besides the lack of confidence i could actually produce content for the blog) was the name. i was stumped. i didn’t want something that alluded to only one type of blog (fashion, inspiration ex.) i wanted to be able to make it my own and talk about whatever was on my mind. i remember driving to school everyday talking to myself (YES I TALK TO MYSELF AND I KNOW YOU DO TOO SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT LAUGHING) about what my blog name would be and how cool it would be to say i started something. well one day as i turned on to Flamingo from Las Vegas Blvd. the words gracious & grateful came running across my mind. i remember the exact moment. it was exactly what i aspired to be, gracious & grateful. i had grown up having some sort of standard for myself that i would be a classy and gracious woman. and being raised in a home where cancer was the center, you didn’t have a choice but to be grateful for each day that came and went where someone wasn’t in the hospital or being diagnosed with a secondary cancer.

and just like that gracious & grateful was born.

a couple weeks later i made my website and started making my dreams come true.

this week over on my instagram stories (@sassandkass) i have been sharing one thing i am grateful for each day in preparation for Thanksgiving!

today i am grateful for gracious & grateful.

the blog that has let me heal, grow, and love stronger than i ever have before.

the blog that has allowed me the opportunity to help others heal, grow, and love.

the blog that made me a woman.

to you gracious & grateful, and all that is to come.


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