Haunting Pasts

anyone else terrified of their past?

i am. it haunts me. it is the huge elephant in the room.

see, recently moving across the country where most people do not know my past or my story is both liberating and petrifying.

i determine what parts of my story i will let them into. but for so long my past defined who i was and how people treated me. i was the girl who’s brother had cancer, i was the girl who couldn’t go to things because she had to be at home helping with life while everyone was at the hospital, i was the friend who couldn’t make lunch dates because my anxiety was through the roof wondering if my brother was even alive. then i became the girl who’s brother died, the girl who looked strong on the outside but was shattered into a million pieces on the inside, the girl you didn’t know how to talk to because, really, what do you say to a 21 year old grieving young woman?

my past haunts me. yet, without my past i wouldn’t have the present. i had to go through the things i went through in order to be where i am today. i had to struggle and hurt, cry and mourn. i had to go through the worst to see the view from the mountain i am now standing on.

when you look at your past you have two choices, you can choose to let it define you negatively or you can choose to let it make you stronger. struggle. breeds. greatness. my all time favorite quote (yes its from Jurassic World!). i love this quote because it has never been said better. the hardest things you go through will be the things that make you most great.

be grateful for your past, it has made you who you are today and who you will become tomorrow. with that being said, who do you want to be tomorrow?


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