Love Thyself

lately i’ve been figuring out how to love those who irritate me.

now i know someone just read that and got super offended because i said that people irritate me, but life is too short to worry about offending other people.

lets face it, in a world full of 7.53 billion people, we’re bound to find a couple we just don’t agree with. but God doesn’t call us to get along with every person he’s made, he calls us to love them. even if we don’t agree with them, or they annoy us, and especially when they hurt us.

we have to love them.

i struggle with that last one and i’m sure you do too. loving someone who HURT us? after all the pain they caused us, after the continued trauma or abuse or whatever the case may be, i need to love them? you may be thinking that they don’t deserve your love.

but who are you to say that they don’t deserve love?

you deserve love. and i’m sure you’ve hurt a lot of people too.

the key to loving someone who has hurt you is through forgiveness.

you must forgive them, no matter the circumstances and you must move on.

that is how you grow, love people, and more importantly find love for yourself.

you cannot love with a bitter heart. you cannot be kind to others when you have anger deeply rooted in the pain someone else has caused you, or the pain you caused yourself.

you see, i’ve realized that you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. you also can’t love someone, until you’ve learned to love yourself.

yes our job is to love thy neighbor, but what people often forget is to love thyself.

learn to love the difficult people in your life by learning to love yourself first. to be fully devoted to being a better human we must love.


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