Shine your light

so you’re probably like, “kassidy! we get it. your brother had cancer and you were fearful he would die, i would feel the same way.”

you’re right, the fear comes with the situation. but for me it was deeper than just the fear that cooper would die. it was the fear that i would never live up to the life cooper lived. 

as i’ve mentioned previously, life as a sibling of someone who has cancer is lonely. you are constantly in the shadow of whats going on with your brother or sister. 

cooper lived an amazing life and impacted millions of hearts. 

he captivated people with his charm, beard, and the way he conquered the beast that is cancer. and i am proud of him for that, but it unfortunately held me back from a lot of things. 

i have sat on this blog for well over a year, because of this one simple fear: that my story would never live up to the life cooper lived… because i have lived so much of my life in his shadow. 

i had to figure out how to create this platform about him, but with the focus on me. my side of the story. 

i had to get over myself and the fear that i would never live a life as incredible as coopers or never have a story that adds up to his. 

i had to step into my true identity and realize the most important truth i’ve come across to date, IT IS MY LIFE. I was letting everyone, (including my late brother), make my life choices for me. 

allowing other people to make life choices for you will never result in joy. 

eventually you will feel like an actress, living a life thats not yours.

the day i graduated college i made the final decision to say no to the fear that i would never live up to the life cooper lived and say yes to living my own unique life with my own unique story.

i said yes to starting this blog because it had been my dream for years, i said yes to sharing my story because writing brings me joy. 

it’s baby steps to making decisions not influenced by cooper or his cancer.  so heres to coming out of the shadow and shining my own light. 


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