These are the days

its happened. i can’t keep up with all of my ideas for this blog! so what did i do? i created a space for inspiration, because lets face it, who doesn’t need a little inspiration these days? 

going through life is ironically LONELY. now, i am single so i can’t speak for you old married folks (just kidding lol) but i can say i have faced my fair share of lonely days.

you know the days when you’re down in the dumps, having a pity party of one, feeling as though no one is on your side? yup. i’m currently raising both my hands because that. is. me. (oh wait if i’m raising both my hands, how am i typing? sorry. ADHD.)

okay back on topic. you’re sad, alone, and feel like you can’t compete with the ever competitive world we live in. FRIEND, I GET IT. i am right there with you in it, feeling all the feels. 

BUT. let me shine light on a different perspective. what if the days that SUCK are actually the most defining days of our lives? what if they open a chapter in our hearts that has yet to be discovered and allow us to sink deeper into who we really are? what if these are the days?

what if these are the days that are truly defining who we are as a person? 

what if we let the pity party sink in. let the loneliness sink in and figure out whats really going on in our hearts? once we figure out the root of the problem it could change everything. 

friends, your lonely days, THOSE are the days. the days that you have to reflect on who you are and who you are becoming. 

these are the days.

the days you get the chance to focus on you. 


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