Hello my beautiful tribe!

Welcome to 2019! For several reasons my blog has been neglected, but one major reason was I was ready to let me UPGRADE ya!

Gracious & Grateful is ready to level up this year and it started with a fresh look! So, before we hop into the first post of 2019, WELCOME TO GRACIOUS & GRATEFUL! A blog focused on all the things… literally… fashion to loss we’ve got it all!

This year I am determined to put more of my personality into this blog. I want to write beautiful things but I also want to write in a way that you hear the tone of my voice.

Building my brand is an evolving project that I am so grateful for, but I have to remember to be true to who I am and why I originally started this blog, to remember and share my story.


A little inspo for all my BOSS BABES out there, you know the ones, the girls who are grinding to chase their dreams. The ones who are sacrificing everything to be a better human.



Your dream is important and it deserves to be shared with the world. Your story needs to be heard. People need to hear it.

What are your goals for 2019?

What kind of BOSS BABE do you want to be? Do you want to start your own blog? Do you want to start a business, or a family? Do you want to start a candy shop or be rap star? DO IT GIRLFRIEND! LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Take the risk and make the moves.

You might fail, hell thats the absolute best thing that could happen to you. Success is built on a mountain full of failures, the more you fail the higher your mountain will be.

BOSS BABE, go chase your dreams. go dance as if no one is watching. go be whoever the heck you were meant to be. live fearlessly and love passionately. be proud of the woman God created you to be and do not waste this life worrying about other peoples opinions, you’re better than that.

There is no better day than today to get what you want out of this life.

Go get em BOSS BABE, and don’t forget to be gracious & grateful while you’re doing it.

xoxo, @sassandkass


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