The why behind the website

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding WHY I updated my website.

The honest truth? I was OVER blogging. I hated it. I had totally lost the passion and creativity behind my writing and my website. I thought, why not just continue with my Instagram audience and leave the blog behind?

Then I met some AMAZING ladies at the Sip & Mingle event. Meeting other bloggers and getting to hear there WHY made me more excited to share mine.

The first thing I knew I had to do to change my perspective on blogging was to update my website, I was over the look and really wanted something I enjoyed looking at. I totally stumbled upon Mandy’s Instagram stories (@simpleandprettyco) one day and realized she was helping other people with their blogs. SO I REACHED OUT TO HER! I think this is something a lot of people are scared to do, ask for help. I’m never scared to admit I don’t know what I am doing and use my resources and the people around me to better my content.

I asked her if she would be willing to meet up and look over my website and how I could improve and of course she said yes!

Mandy has built an extraordinary following, business, empire, and of course blog. She is someone I admire and I am grateful for her time and patience with helping me build this new website. Not only has she built her blog and boutique, she has recently started branding workshops through her brand #sipandmingle!

If you’re interested in reaching out to Mandy, feel free to contact her through direct message on Instagram, @simpleandprettyco

Besides helping you build a website, Mandy does do mentorships. She only has certain spots available and you have to go through an interview process before she accepts you as a student. For more information don’t hesitate to message her! She is so friendly, kind, and responds super fast!

Like most bloggers would agree, my blog is my baby. When I wanted to find someone to help me achieve my website goals, I knew it had to be just the right person who wanted me to succeed as much as I did. Mandy did that and so much more, she has become a great friend, mentor, and of course, website builder! Thank you for all you’ve done Mandy!

Friends, if you need help building a website, are looking for a mentor, or just want a new blogger to follow on Instagram Mandy is your girl! Check her out!

Instagram: @simpleandprettyco

Blog: simpleandprettyco.net



  1. January 31, 2019 / 3:56 pm

    Love the new look! 🙂 You go girl!!

    • Kassidyowen
      January 31, 2019 / 3:57 pm

      Thanks babe!!

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