Rise Up

I have this odd habit of hearing beautiful words, typing them into the Notes section of my phone, and never giving credit to those who spoke them. Whenever I’m feeling bored I go into my Notes App and read through the latest and greatest words, it’s where I find all of my inspiration for my writing.

Ironically one word continues to pop up when I go through my Notes, the word RISE. I’ve been hearing this word since the start of the year. First I saw the Rachel Hollis movie, I then heard it on some podcasts, read about the word in books, and even fell in love with the song “Rise Up”.

I never took any notice of it until recently. I was thinking about my life and the circumstances I’ve been through and thought to myself, “I constantly rise”. Even when I have no idea what I’m doing, even when I’m broken, even when I have no where else to go, I rise.

I get up and I face the next thing headed my way.
When Cooper was diagnosed with cancer I told myself that his fight was preparing me for something worse. Then he died. I told myself the same thing once he passed, this is not the worst thing that will happen to you.
I do this because I believe I should allow those circumstances to PREPARE me for whats coming next.
After all, losing my brother to cancer at 20 is not going to be the only bad thing that happens to me in my life.
I had to teach myself to rise up.
I had to embrace the struggle and RISE UP.

I could have let his passing defeat me. I could have gone numb and completely ignored what happened. But I didn’t. I chose to not only work through the loss, but to be vulnerable to help other people heal.

The point I am trying to make is, you can choose to let your struggles defeat you or you can choose to rise above them and GROW.

You were not created to sit in quick sand.
You were created to RUN INTO ADVENTURE. Elliot Bisnow once said, “Adventures only happen to the adventurous”. By rising up, you are choosing to be adventurous. You are choosing to change your destiny.

I will choose to rise.
I will choose to be better than I was yesterday, to learn from my mistakes, to create joy.

Are you rising up out of your circumstances? Are you choosing adventure?

“You can fear everything and run, or you can fear everything and rise”


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