bad days

Yesterday was a really bad day.

Sometimes things just don’t add up, you think you have it all figured out until suddenly you just don’t. Suddenly you feel lost, that life is slipping through your fingers.

I struggle with feeling guilty on bad days.
Because I have been through the WORST days imaginable, like holding my brothers hand as he died, I feel guilty for FEELING the bad day. In reality, the day he died sucked and yesterday also sucked. There is no way to weigh one day more than the other because at the end of it all I struggled on both days. I do believe bad days happen for a reason, their breeding better days. They are making you stronger and willing you into the human you’re meant to become. But that doesn’t make them suck any less.

I talked on my Thursday Thoughts Live (@sassandkass) this past week about embracing the suck. Often times we try to either solve the suck or ignore it. But what if we just sat in the suck? What if we just allowed ourselves to embrace the things that are stressing us out and causing us to have a bad day?
If we choose to reflect on life, the good, the bad, the ugly, we may learn that the bad days are building better days and the good days are building greater days.


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