The house you live in

We are all wasting our lives.

We’re wasting our lives believing the lie that we are not worthy of the space that we take up.

That we are not enough for that space.
Or for the other people in that space.

It’s not your fault that you believe these things. But it is your responsibility to challenge those lies with the truth.
We are what we believe and we are what we tell ourselves. If you choose to believe the lies, then you will believe you’re not worth space. But if you choose to change your mindset, to tell yourself that you are MORE than enough, thats where the change happens.

My favorite fitness quote states, “If you do not challenge yourself, you will not change yourself.” Although I use it to inspire my Pilates clients, it applies here too. If you do not challenge those thoughts then you CANNOT change those thoughts.

From personal experience I know that this is the hardest work you will ever do, I could even argue that changing your mindset is harder than changing your physical body in the gym. In the gym you can use resources like a trainer or a friend to keep you accountable. The only one to keep your brain and thoughts accountable is Y O U.

Friends, you owe it to yourself to change your mindset. To be able to hear the truth and not lies. You are worth more than the lies you are LETTING yourself believe and its time to take some control.

All you have to do is start small.
Below I have listed some small activities that have helped me change my mindset:

  • STICKY NOTES! Ask anyone, they will tell you I’m a sticky note girl. Every day write something positive about yourself, an affirmation, or a goal you will accomplish and stick the sticky note on your mirror or wall. You want to put it somewhere you will be able to see every day.
  • JOURNALING! I started journaling after a few of the podcaster’s I listened to gave me some prompts. It’s really helped me in moments of stress. I keep the journal in my purse and if I am having negative thoughts I immediately write them down and re-read them, once I do that I realize how irrational most of the thoughts/fears are and I begin to change how I am viewing the situation.
  • LIVING BY A MANTRA! There are a couple different ways to use a mantra. One is by asking yourself a question every day, I personally ask myself “What can I get excited or enthusiastic about today?” The second way is by having a quote or a verse that you live by, something that grounds you. The last way I have found that helps me change my mindset is based off something I learned from Brendon Burchard, author of the book “High Performance Habits“. Brendon recommends choosing three words to focus on to keep you close to your goals. You choose your three words and then you set three alarms in your phone titling each with one of your words for the year. Every day they go off to remind you where you want to be. The alarms are annoying, but I never forget why I am doing what I am doing.

Change doesn’t happen over night.
You must continue to challenge yourself before you find what works for you.
And every day is not going to be perfect, there will be days where your self talk is mean and you believe every lie you hear.
But the goal is that over time your brain doesn’t automatically go to the lies, it sifts around and finds the TRUTH.


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