the semicolon

The Semicolon – “Where the author could’ve ended the sentence but decided to keep going. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

I know I’m not the only one thinking about ending the sentence.
I’ve thought, if only I could be where Cooper is…

I admit this, because for some people, I know it’s not as easy to choose to keep the sentence going. I know it’s physically and mentally the hardest decision you make in that moment. But I want to remind you why continuing the sentence is worth it.

It all won’t be okay for awhile. It will hurt and you will feel worthless, you will feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole of destruction as things get worse and worse, everything falling OUT of place instead of into place. But thanks to my favorite biomechanics teacher, I know that eventually because of gravity, all things fall. Everything eventually lands. You my friend, will land. Whether it be gracefully or flat on your face (that’s how I will land haha!). You. WILL. Land.

You will fall, land, and then when you least expect it, you will rise.
You will rise up again. You will see small hope start to glimmer around you like little stars in the night sky. You will start to hear the voices of the people who believe in you, who are rooting for you and your dreams. And most importantly, you’ll start to hear your inner voice again, the one who keeps those dreams alive.

Lately, I’ve been holding onto something deep within me that tells me this will not be my forever. The sadness, the hurt, the grief, the pain, the depression.
It’s just part of me falling.
I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and I am just waiting to land.
Maybe you’re waiting to land too.
If that’s you, don’t end the sentence… wait for the semicolon. The semicolon is the point of the story where you land; you’re done falling, but you’re not quite finished. You’re getting ready to rise again.


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