Tomorrow Needs You

Tomorrow needs you.

After a Saturday spent on the couch in and out of sleep and crying spells, I rolled over to the coffee table and grabbed my phone. I opened Instagram and clicked through stories, suddenly one caught my eye, @loswhit was wearing a shirt that said “we need you here” I clicked back to the start of his stories and listened to what he had to say.
He shared his struggle with his depression and anxiety and how it had recently come back the past couple of days. When he got home he received the shirt as a gift and was sharing the story on Instagram.
He spoke on his Instagram story saying these simple words to ME, his audience, “Tomorrow Needs You.”
He said he didn’t know who needed to hear those words but that he felt he had to share them. I immediately messaged him and thanked him for sharing his struggles and those words. I was the person who needed to hear them.

He messaged me back saying, “you got this amiga!”
It made me laugh and in a moment of deep depression, all you crave is a good laugh.

Afterwards I sat there thinking about how I’ve recently started opening up about my current battle with depression and anxiety. Although this is not my first time fighting depression it is my first time really allowing people into the journey. I fought a lot with myself about sharing my journey while in the middle of depression. But after feeling the impact of watching Carlos Instagram story, FEELING him talking to me, even though he has no idea who I am. I realized that being open and vulnerable is exactly what I need to be. I need to share my story. I need to share exactly where I am IN THE MOMENT.

In that moment, I really really needed to hear that tomorrow needs me.
And maybe in this moment, right now, you need to hear that TOMORROW NEEDS YOU.

Today might suck, today might not be working out, but tomorrow. Tomorrow needs you.
Tomorrow needs us.

My sweet friends fighting any sort of mental battle, I am with you.
You are heard and you are loved.
But DO NOT STOP fighting the battle.
You can’t stop now.

Fighting a mental battle looks a lot like this image above.
If you stop, you’ll never know what you could of found.
If you keep going, there will be joy and abundance. Yes, you will have to fight again. Yes, you will conquer your depression again when it returns. But if you choose to stop fighting, you’ll never know the joy of tomorrow.

Tomorrow needs you.
Don’t give up because of today.
Today turns into yesterday, and then tomorrow is here.

& tomorrow needs you.


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