It takes a village

It takes a village to feel loved.

One person cannot make you feel fully loved.
One person cannot complete you.

It takes a village to feel loved.

If you rely on one person to make you feel loved, you will fail.
You must have several people you rely on to take care of you in different ways.
Each person in your life will fill your cup in different ways.
They will teach you different lessons, show you a new direction, and love you completely different than someone else would.
Thats what makes humans so unique, each human was hand chosen for this life, completely unique.
Let the humans in your life SHOW you they love you.
Give them the chance to love you in their unique way.

I’ve been letting my people love me.
I’ve been saying yes to spending time with my people, even when my depression says not too.
I’ve been listening to their stories and then sharing mine.
I’ve been letting the people I love, love me.

For so long I believed in different types of love. I’m assuming I got the concept from movies and TV shows. I believed in love from your parents, love from friends, romantic love, and the love you give to a child.
I believed that each love was different. So I would sit around waiting to be loved.

What I’ve realized is love is quite simple, love is in your peoples actions.
You do not just speak the words “I love you”, you prove them.
Every day, you love your people. You encourage them with the words you send them, you show up when they need you, and you remind them who they are when they forget.

How my people show me love is simple.
Its coffee dates at Starbucks.
Its sunsets at the beach.
Its floating in the ocean.
Its in the fast food drive thru.
Its in the words of encouragement when I need it most.
Its the Facetimes, phone calls, and voicemails.
Its the hand written cards.
Its the books they send me.
Its the hugs.
Its the laughter.
Its all the same love.

And it radiates out of all of my people. They radiate love for me but I was just choosing to ignore what was right in front of me.

Friends, if your people are asking to hang out more, to get coffee, or to just spend time with you. They are asking to love on you.
Don’t neglect that.
Let your people love you, THAT is how you fill your cup up.

Let your village love you and you will feel loved.


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