Dreams are scary because they are big.

Goliath was scary because he was big, he was actually a giant.
But the young David defeated him with just a single stone and Gods mighty power behind him.

I think our dreams are the Goliath’s of our lives. They are HUGE and scary and intimidating. They taunt us with words, saying you can’t accomplish this! You’re too small to do that! You don’t have enough life experience! Or my favorite, you’re not good enough to accomplish that dream.

But the thing is dreams are not meant to be small.
If dreams were small, they wouldn’t be so scary, they wouldn’t push us out of our comfort zone just enough to allow us to grow.

Dreams are meant to be big.
Goliath was meant to be a giant, because David was meant to defeat him.
Among the other things David was made to do, defeating Goliath was one of them. David just had to recognize he was made for more, and in that moment, that MORE was defeating Goliath.

Do you have a dream in the crevice of your heart?
Do you have a fire in your soul that you have constantly been putting out because you believe the lie that you cannot continue to let the fire flourish within you?

I did. I do.
I have many dreams that are in my heart, and they all look a lot bigger than Goliath.

But what a selfish act it is to not chase those dreams.
Friends, you have a dream for a reason.
It’s because someone else in the world will benefit from your dream.
For instance, this blog had been a dream of mine for YEARS, I sat on it and told my friends, who would all say “GO FOR IT!”. But I never did, once I finally launched this blog, and even now a year later, I am STILL getting messages about how my words have changed peoples lives.
But if I had never chased that dream, If I had never conquered that Goliath, I wouldn’t have helped anyone.
I would have just let the dream slip past me and all the people I could have helped.

So if you’re not able to chase your dream for YOU, chase it for the sister next to you who needs to benefit from YOUR dream.

Our dreams are not merely for US, they are for those around us.

Friends, go out into the world and chase your dreams.
Be who you were made to be and listen to the fire that is in your soul. Don’t hold yourself back. Embrace who you are and the dream inside of you and GO for it!

This week I launched Gracious & Grateful the Shop.
An online boutique of Kassidy’s favorite things.

When I was in college I studied Kinesiology and Pilates, but if you had asked me what I wanted to do with my life, my answer would have been to be a blogger and own a clothing company.
Through lots of research I decided that going virtual was the best fit for the lifestyle I wanted to live, so I decided to pursue the online shop.

But don’t let that easy little paragraph fool you, it wasn’t an easy decision.
I was in a job I hated, then going through one of the hardest bouts of depression I’ve had thus far, all while balancing life in general.

I would call those I love explaining the dream for this store and what I believed it could be, they would all encourage me.
I was the one standing in the way of me chasing this dream. And honestly, I am the Goliath standing in the way of all my other dreams.

I still have work to do. I am still learning to believe in myself. To show myself I am enough right where I am. That I have done enough in this life to be proud of. But launching this store was a HUGE stepping stone for me, I conquered a HUGE Goliath, my own self deprecation.

Today, I am proud of my blog, my boutique, and I am proud of Kassidy Lynne OwenBlogger, Store Owner, Pilates Instructor, and all the other accomplishments she’s achieved.

Go chase your dream.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for.”
– John A. Shedd –

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