Never stop trying

Failure is when you stop trying.

How many times in your life have to SAID you were going to do something for yourself and you didn’t?
That is failure because you didn’t even try.

When you make a promise to yourself, you have to follow through.
At the beginning of this year I promised myself I was going to complete a 5K and a 10K, after never running in my life.
So I made the promise to work out 5 days a week in preparation for these races.
I got up on days I was exhausted, depressed, anxious, and sad.
I got up and I moved my body.
Some days I went straight back to bed, but I never broke the promise I made to myself that I would train for these races.

What this training process has taught me is that my persistence is a badass, she knew I needed to get up every day and train for these races because it was actually training me for something so much bigger than a 10K.

It was training me to keep promises to Kassidy.
It was training me to never give up on the girl who’s given up on herself her whole life.
It was training me to see the light I had within me but never saw for myself.

So yes, there were days I got up and didn’t go to the gym.
There were days I went and really didn’t give it my all.
But I did not fail, because I never stopped trying.
I always got up and tried again the next day.

After my latest blog post I had several of you reach out to me saying that it inspired you to start going to the gym or start reaching for your dreams. I am so blessed to have had my words impact you in that way, however, we have to face the hard truth. Failure is in the back of your mind. You’re wondering if you can ACTUALLY get to the gym at 5 am or if you can ACTUALLY become a comedian. But the thing is, you’ll never know until you try. And then whatever comes of trying today, might bring you closer to that dream or that goal. So then you get up again tomorrow and you try one more time, and then again and again. Until you’ve made it on that stage or you’ve ran that 10K.

The other day I finally made it to that moment of victory.
I woke up like I normally do at 4:30, and I thought to myself… “Kassidy is going to run 6.2 Miles today (a 10K)”. This thought was coming straight from my persistence and she was not giving up. The short drive to the gym all I could think about was 6 miles. Mind you, I’ve never ran more than 4 miles without stopping, which is good because my race isn’t until November. But my persistence persisted on, “Kassidy, you’re running a 10k today!”

I got on the treadmill and started running, mile 2 is my struggle, I always convince myself 2 miles is enough but my goal has never been to just run 2 miles. About 3 miles in the fire alarm starts going off (it wasn’t a real fire, it’s just a glitch in the system lol) but when the fire alarm goes off, so does the AC. So here I am, mile 3, no AC, and a alarm sounding through my headphones. “Okay… you can technically stop here I mean 3 miles is half way, you’ll get to 6 later!” I told myself. Then persistence chimes in, “OH HELL TO THE NO GIRL! NOT TODAY! DID I NOT ALREADY TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE RUNNING 6 MILES TODAY?”
Okay, chill girl, chill.

While I’m talking to myself, a women gets on the treadmill to the left of me and shortly after her another women to the right of me. Then my playlist plays “Run The World” by Beyoncé, and I’m back. I’m ready to finish this damn thing! I’ve got two powerhouse women running next to me like it’s easy and I am STRUGGLING, like panting, sweating, red faced, half in an asthma attack. But okay here we are MILE 6. I’m telling myself, “well I mean you already did 5 that’s more than you’ve ever done before.” But persistence is over here like, “5 miles is for babies get your ass over that finish line.”

My persistence is crude. She has to be to get through to my stubborn self.

And then friends, there it was. 6.24 Miles, FINITO!!!!!

I walk outside and saw the most gorgeous sunrise God had painted me for my victory. I smiled, got in my car, literally every part of my body shaking, and cried. I cried tears of VICTORY! Tears of pure HAPPINESS for what I had just accomplished. I WORKED 7 MONTHS TO RUN 6 MILES! 7 MONTHS!!!!!!!!
And here I was, where I never thought I would be.

In that moment, do you know what I was most grateful for?
My persistence. She never let me fail. She never let me stop trying.
Every day she figured out a way to motivate me into trying a little bit harder for that goal.
And here we were celebrating my triumph.

As I sat in this moment, I made a decision, an agreement to myself.
I will never fail.
I will never stop trying, so therefore I will never fail.
Failure is no longer an option because if I never stop trying, failure cannot exist.

And then I asked myself a question, what’s next?
What’s the next dream?
What are we going to try next?
Where are we going from here?

Make the decision to never fail.
Decide to never stop trying at your dream.
Decide you are worth making and keeping promises to yourself.
Decide to listen to your persistence and push, push, push when the dream gets hard.

So now I will ask you,
What’s next?
What’s the next dream?
What are you going to try next?
Where are you going from here?

Whatever the dream is, lets go get it.
It’s your time.

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  1. Gina Paris
    August 2, 2019 / 2:17 am

    Hi Kassidy,
    It’s so odd for me to read your blog and hear “you” described by you. I’ve never once thought of you as a failure, just the opposite. You shine ever so brightly everyday. You are a star, a motivator, a woman other woman can be proud of, a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for sharing and all you do for me.
    ❤️ Gina

    • Kassidyowen
      August 3, 2019 / 12:19 am

      Hi Gina, Thank you so much for this sweet compliment. I’ve definitely hid this little corner of the world from my “real job” but I am excited to finally have the two coming together. Thank you for always being a shining light in my classes and allowing me to challenge you, it makes me a better instructor.
      Lots of love, Kore Kassidy 😉

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