I use to live a life of the past.
Meaning, the present was happening to me as I focused on the past.

Now I live a life focused on the future.
My goals, my dreams, every single decision I make is based off of what the Kassidy in ten years will benefit from.

A lot of people have asked me why I started my online boutique, or where the money is going when they buy from my store.
The answer is simple, it goes to me and my business. I am officially a small business owner and while I am not making profit off of my shop in the present moment, it’s one of those dreams I see for the future Kassidy.

All my life I have loved the thought of opening up my own boutique, but the reality is, owning a brick and mortar business these days is HARD ASS WORK. I commend each and every business owner who does it. Not only do you have to keep up with your lease, you have to hire people, focus on the inventory of your shop, and a million other things just to keep your doors open.
I knew that I would HATE that with a passion.
I also know that future Kassidy wants the flexibility to travel, to be able to be with her family whenever she needs to, and to not be tied down.

See, when Cooper was sick with cancer I watched as my family traveled back and fourth to California to see him and my mom. It taught me a HUGE life lesson, if someone I love gets sick, I REFUSE to have to quit a job or fight with a boss to get days off to see my loved one. I also, REFUSE to not have an income coming in. That’s where Gracious & Grateful the Shop came to life, it allows me to chase the dream of becoming a small business boutique, while also running my business from anywhere in the world.

See the old Kassidy, the one who lived life focused on the past, would stay in the comfortable job that was offering her the best financial peace in that moment. She would have saved her money God forbid an emergency would have happened, and then she would have prayed it never did. She would have been comfortable living in the past, being scared that what happened in the past would happen again.

The new Kassidy, knows the future is not in her hands. But she can do her absolute best to chase the dreams God has put in her heart, without fearing that cancer, or a shooter, will interfere with those plans. She can chase her dreams knowing that they were instilled in her for a REASON and that reason is that she was made for more than what society tells her she should do.

I had to give myself permission to live outside the box. I had to decide that it’s okay to not want to work an 8-5 job, with an office and a parking space. I had to allow myself to understand that THAT lifestyle is NOT what Kassidy was made for; she is creative, a helper, and LOVES flexibility. Those are all GREAT things and we live in a time where I can have all of those things and MORE. If I give myself permission to BELIEVE that I was made for more and that “more” is what God put me on this earth to do.

See, It was always me.
It was always me holding me back from my dreams.
Telling myself I couldn’t do it.
Forcing myself into trying careers I knew I would hate, just to “fit in”
I take full responsibility for the fact that I THOUGHT I WANTED TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. I thought I wanted to go to an office, clock in and clock out. I thought that, that was where the happiness was and for some people, THAT IS THEIR HAPPINESS, AND THAT’S AWESOME! Everyone’s version of happiness is different.
But for Kassidy, I had to give her permission to say that, that type of lifestyle is not her version of happiness. AND THAT’S OKAY.
Kassidy’s version of happiness is a flexible lifestyle that allows her to do the MILLIONS of things that bring her joy every day. Teaching Pilates, writing, running an Instagram tribe, opening an online boutique, picking up my baby girls from school, meeting a friend for coffee, or staying in bed because I am grieving.
My version of surviving the working world, is honestly to not have to ‘survive’ it at all. I want to THRIVE in my own little working world. I see a future of making money abundantly from all the things I love to do. Never feeling stuck, never feeling like I can’t break through the glass ceiling. Because friends, there is no glass ceiling when you run your own business, when you chase your own dream, when you realize you were made for more and decide to take that risk.

It’s all on you, my friend.
To decide to live in the past or to decide to live in the future.
To decide to have a mindset of financial scarcity or financial abundance.
To decide to avoid your dream or to chase it.
To decide to give yourself permission to realize that you, my friend, were made for more.

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  1. Kristty
    August 14, 2019 / 4:34 pm

    Oh girl this hit me hard!!! You are seriously amazing!

    • Kassidyowen
      August 14, 2019 / 7:30 pm

      Thank you SO much for reading!!! I appreciate you beyond words.

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