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It’s all on you

Okay. Let’s do this.

Let’s chase our dreams.
Let’s go for the things that scare us.
Let’s put our all into the things that set our souls on fire.

Stop telling yourself you can’t do it, you’re wasting time.
Stop telling yourself it will never work, how will you know if you never try?
Stop telling yourself you can’t make it because “its already been done.”
Stop believing the lies you’re telling yourself.

You’re worth more than those thoughts you’re ALLOWING yourself to believe.
You’re worth more than what society is telling you that you can do.
You’re worth more than the limits you put on yourself.

It’s time to start owning our attitude.
It’s time to start deciding what we allow to affect our moods.
It’s time to start owning our joy.

See, we allow people to steal our joy. WE GIVE THEM THAT PERMISSION.
But that’s just the thing, you do not have give them permission to steal your joy. You can choose to say no, you’re not allowed to take what is MINE. You can choose to take ownership of your joy and decide that people are not going to have an affect on your attitude.

OKAY, but notice… IT’S ALL ON YOU.
It’s on you to chase your dreams.
It’s on you to stop telling yourself you CAN’T chase those dreams.
It’s on you to choose to believe you’re worthy of what you were made to do.
It’s on you to starting owning your attitude.

So YOU have to decide today what you’re going to do, how you’re going to act, what you will believe.

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You might not make it

What…? Kassidy you are the most inspiring blogger I know why are you telling me I might not make it?

Because you might not make it to where you THINK you are going, but you will make it to where you’re suppose to be going.
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” This is exactly what I am referring too. God gives us audacious dreams and asks us to chase them, but sometimes our reason for chasing the ultimate goal is not the actual reason he put the dream on our hearts.

When I originally started blogging a little over a year and a half ago, I had no idea it would lead to me starting my own small business. See that’s the funny thing, he gives you one dream so that a million others can flourish within you.
If you listen to the dream he’s laid on your heart, you have no idea what you’re capable of. It could very well be the beginning of something way bigger than what you planned. But you’ll never know that unless you take the leap to follow your dreams.

As seen on my Instagram a few weeks ago, “Those who don’t jump, will never fly!” You have to be willing to jump off a few bridges, fall down and get back up, and get through the muddy waters to chase your dream. You have to accept it’s going to be messy and not work out the way that YOU plan for it too. But that’s the whole reason for dreams!!!!! They seem impossible until you achieve the dream and realize it was possible!!
Dreams will never work out the way you plan them too, but they will always lead you to something better even when it seems like it is impossible.

My favorite pump up song right now is “Impossible; It’s Possible” from Cinderella. THIS SONG HYPES ME UP!! Like SERIOUSLY. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of this song?!

Impossible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.
Impossible for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage.
And four white mice will never be four white horses.
They will!!
Such fol-de rol and fiddle dee dee of courses!
But the world is full of zanies and fools,
Who don’t believe in sensible rules!
And won’t believe what sensible people say!
And because these daft and dewey eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes,
Impossible things are happening every day.
It’s possible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.
It’s possible!
For a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage.
And four white mice are easily turned to horses
Such fal de rah and fiddle dee dee of courses!
Quite possible!
It’s possible!

The beginning of the song Cinderella has the mindset that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a pumpkin to turn into a carriage or that she would ever end up with a prince… but then Fairy Godmother convinces her that it is POSSIBLE! “Because these daft and dewey eyed dopes keep building up IMPOSSIBLE HOPES, impossible things are happening EVERY DAY!



They keep telling us our dreams are impossible and we keep pursuing them until they are POSSIBLE. Until they are our reality! THAT IS WHAT DREAMERS DO! We do not give up because someone says it’s impossible, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. NOTHING.
And if you do not believe me, Jesus was raised from the dead.
It’s just not.
No dream you have, no goal you set.
Nothing is impossible.

So stop telling yourself it’s impossible.
YOU, my fellow dreamer, are no daft and dewey eyed dope, YOU my dear friend, are a dreamer. And dreamers, DO NOT GIVE UP. THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE WORD IMPOSSIBLE.
And just like the song ends,

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

It’s possible!

Tell yourself It’s possible until you believe it.
And never stop dreaming.

“Well, there’s one thing: they can’t order me to stop dreaming” – Cinderella

I’m enough

“Things get worse before they get better”

Sometimes in life we forget that we have to go through the trials in order to face the next thing coming at us.
You can’t just say you ran a 10K without the medal to prove it.
You have to go through the muddy waters to find the joy in the clear water.

The perspective that hard times happen for a reason, that they allow our persistence to become stronger, is a hard perspective to swallow.
But as someone who’s been through the trenches it’s hard for me not to see the good in what its done for me and for the people around me.
I haven’t always been this way though. I want to bring you back to a dark moment, a moment I was in my ‘worse’ and ‘better’ was not a thought I could ever for-see happening for me.

Cooper had been sick with not only one cancer, but two for around three months. At this point it was December, Cooper’s birthday is in December and it would be the last birthday we got with him on this earth. Soon after celebrations ended he returned to the hospital, his fever wasn’t gone so that meant back to the hospital they went. Throughout the month of December I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, it was like I knew what was coming but didn’t want to trust what God was preparing me for. Instead, I chose fear. And I’ll admit that every time, I choose it. I make the decision to believe the liar instead of the truth.

I remember so many nights attempting to watch Netflix trying to numb my feelings just like an alcoholic in a bar. I laid there under my covers, Netflix on, and prayed it wouldn’t happen. What wouldn’t happen you ask? The tears. I prayed the tears would not come, I prayed for a night where I just went to sleep, Netflix numbing my reality. That rarely came true. Most nights I cried silently under those sheets scared of the unknown, but the ironic thing was, I knew what was about to happen, God had already prepared me in advanced. But I was ignoring him.

In December, amidst a deep cry under my sheets I stopped. I felt something come over me, it told me to sit up, like a teacher lecturing you in class. I then heard Jesus speak over me that he would not be healing Cooper on earth. I froze. What? No, that’s definitely not the Lord speaking to me. He would FOR SURE be telling me Cooper would be healed.
Well, he was, he was just preparing me for the next part of the story.

See, God gives us what we need.
He knew my heart could not handle Coopers last breath on this earth.
So he prepared his daughter by telling her.
But I still had a hard time with Coopers last breath because for four months I lived in denial with the words the Lord spoke over me.
I denied his words in hopes that my worldly acts could cure Cooper and save him, when I was already given the truth.
The truth was, Cooper would die.
But he would be healed.

If you follow me on Instagram I shared a couple days ago about how I have been working through some deep shame and guilt in therapy lately. A lot of the guilt I carry is from Coopers death, feeling I did not do enough, I was not enough for him, that I could have done more. Throughout our work together my therapist and I have discovered a deep truth in the midst of all the guilt I was feeling.


I know, you’re probably like, “WELL DUH KASSIDY!”
But it’s not that simple when you’re a sibling of a child with cancer and you KNOW the answer to all current family problems is to SAVE YOUR BROTHERS LIFE.
No like really. If there was family friction, I would think, “If only I could cure Coopers cancer, then this wouldn’t be happening.” If I was at home lonely, “If I find the cure for cancer, loneliness ends!”
{If only naive little Kassidy knew, cancer and loneliness are only distant cousins, loneliness is so much bigger than that disease.}
But going back to what my therapist and I discovered, I could not have saved Coopers life.
In a perfect world of 2015, I would have been Coopers bone marrow transplant donor, I would have went through the transplant process and I would have been a minor part of Coopers journey to becoming cancer free.
But 2015 was not a perfect year, and even if I had been the perfect match for Cooper, I STILL WOULD NOT HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE.
Wanna know why? Because before I would have even gotten the chance to sit in a transplant room, Cooper would not achieve remission from both cancers, he would instead lay in bed for 50 days with a fever. While he laid there, an infection brewed in his system. An infection so bad that it could not be cured. Cooper had the perfect trifecta of problems that would ultimately lead to him dying, WITH OR WITHOUT MY BONE MARROW.

Do you know that I have carried the guilt of not being Coopers match for his bone marrow transplant from the day I heard the news? Do you know that when I tell myself ‘I am not enough’ it comes from a place of not being enough to save my brothers life. Yet, BIOLOGICALLY I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ENOUGH TO SAVE HIS LIFE! GOD DID NOT INTEND FOR ME TO BE THE GIRL WHO SAVED HER BROTHERS LIFE! HE JUST DIDN’T! He had other plans for me all along.
Yet I’ve sat here, for four years, telling myself, “Kassidy you will never be enough, because you weren’t enough to save a life.”

When I realized that God’s plan was never for me to be the girl who saved her brothers life, it was like a giant boulder was removed from my shoulders. This whole time I had given myself an expectation that I was the one who needed to save his life.
With zero medical knowledge, no doctorate.
I could have never saved Coopers life.

Yet, I lived with the expectation everyday that I NEEDED to do that.
And when I didn’t do that, I changed that self talk to telling myself that I never did enough to even try to save his life.
So Cooper dying, yeah, that was my fault.

Friends, It’s funny how we blame so much of our trauma on what happened to us without ever taking a moment to turn the mirror around and look straight into it.
In this situation, I created a lot of my own trauma.
I was the one who gave myself the expectation to save his life.
I was the one telling myself I was not enough because I did not save his life.
It was me, every single day.
Stepping back that day in therapy I realized something, this particular trauma, this feeling of guilt, was my own doing.
But that’s okay because I forgive myself.

I forgive myself for setting unrealistic expectations. I forgive myself for choosing to not believe the words God spoke to me, and trusting what path he had laid out for Cooper. I forgive myself for every single time I told myself, ‘it is your fault Cooper died, you did not do enough.” And I forgive myself for the constant self hate.

It’s a hard decision to forgive yourself when you realize you’ve been your own enemy the whole time.

I was never enough to save Coopers life.
But I was not created to save Coopers life.
That was not the job God intended for me.
So I am going to stop telling myself I am not enough, because I am more than enough in my own space. In the space God created for Kassidy. In the space he knew I would thrive in.

And you are more than enough in your space.
You deserve all the space.
So today, I challenge you to free yourself of the guilt you carry and begin to tell yourself your enough.
You deserve the space.

Don’t do it

Girlfriend, don’t you dare do it.

Don’t you dare give up on yourself.
Don’t you dare give up on your dream.
Don’t you dare believe that you are not enough.
Don’t you dare think that you aren’t made for more.

Do not give up on the person you’re becoming.
She is worth it.
You are worth it.
Do not give up.

Why are WE always the first to give up on ourselves, yet we will fight tooth and nail for a relationship we want to work out? Focus on you and the rest will fall into place. Focus on who you want to be, where you want to be, and WHY you want to be there and everything else will fall into place.

Why is such an important question in life.
Why do certain things happen?
Why do people pass away?
Why are we alive?
Why am I here?
Why do I choose to chase my dreams?

If you cannot define your ‘why‘ your dream will never come into fruition. It just won’t, or matter of fact, it can’t. Because when you are in a low place during the journey to your dream, your why is what forces you to keep going. Your why is what tells you it will all be worth it. Your why is the back bone of your dream. Humans cannot live without their spines, your dream cannot live without its why.

So when the dream gets tough, when you feel like giving up,
Don’t you dare do it.
Don’t you dare think it’s okay to give up on yourself – remember my definition of failure? When you stop trying. NEVER stop trying, NEVER stop going after the thing that sets your soul on fire.

The great Walt Disney sums up chasing your dreams as simple as this;

“If you can dream it, you can do it”