You can and you will

Did you know that half of the problems you are currently facing can be solved by believing in yourself?
By refusing to believe the lies other people have poisoned your mind with?
By challenging every single “no” you’ve received and choosing to see a different perspective?

People don’t get to determine YOUR happiness or what you can or cannot do.
Because, girlfriend, you can do whatever the hell you want to do.
You can be whoever the hell you want to be.
And you don’t have to question one single thing you do, as long as you believe in YOU.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick and tired of the mean girl inside me that says I can’t accomplish greatness.
I recently learned from @msrachelhollis that my mean girl is just a version of some other person who told me “no” or doubted me.
Regardless of who put that doubt inside my heart, I’ve learned that she can be quieted.
I can quiet her by challenging all the doubts she gives me.
By proving to her that I am more than capable of accomplishing all of the dreams I have for my life.

At the end of the day, all we have is ourselves.
No one is going to believe in you, in your dreams, as much as you can.
And no one will believe you can do something until YOU believe it first.

Girlfriend, don’t try to prove the world wrong, prove your mean girl wrong.
Show her that you can accomplish EVERYTHING she says you can’t.


bad days

Yesterday was a really bad day.

Sometimes things just don’t add up, you think you have it all figured out until suddenly you just don’t. Suddenly you feel lost, that life is slipping through your fingers.

I struggle with feeling guilty on bad days.
Because I have been through the WORST days imaginable, like holding my brothers hand as he died, I feel guilty for FEELING the bad day. In reality, the day he died sucked and yesterday also sucked. There is no way to weigh one day more than the other because at the end of it all I struggled on both days. I do believe bad days happen for a reason, their breeding better days. They are making you stronger and willing you into the human you’re meant to become. But that doesn’t make them suck any less.

I talked on my Thursday Thoughts Live (@sassandkass) this past week about embracing the suck. Often times we try to either solve the suck or ignore it. But what if we just sat in the suck? What if we just allowed ourselves to embrace the things that are stressing us out and causing us to have a bad day?
If we choose to reflect on life, the good, the bad, the ugly, we may learn that the bad days are building better days and the good days are building greater days.

the girl in the pink jacket

I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista.
I usually fall in love with bold styles and bright colors.
As my taste in clothing has evolved I’ve realized that I enjoy being in statement pieces that force people to turn in my direction.
This pink jacket is no exception, it is loud, furry, and all things extraordinary.
I bought it for my trip back to Vegas during Christmas time. Several times during my airport trips I overheard comments like, “the girl in the pink jacket”. Eventually I started laughing because they were obviously talking about me, but I never could hear what they were saying after “the girl in the pink jacket”. I obviously loved the attention, but I realized that there is so much more to being “the girl in the pink jacket”.

It’s about being an example in society. Being an influencer, a leader, a statement maker. It’s about being bold and being brilliant. Knowing your worth and identifying others worth. Having confidence in who you are and who you will become. It’s about standing a little taller when someone notices you as “the girl in the pink jacket”.

The next time someone notices you, don’t just accept it, embrace it.

Often times when someone compliments us, we say something along the lines of “oh stop”, “no way”, or “yours is better”. Instead of just saying thank you. Instead of just being grateful for the fact someone noticed you.

It’s time we start accepting compliments. It’s time we start appreciating when someone notices us, when someone takes the time out of their day to make OUR sun shine a little brighter.

I’m proud to be the girl in the pink jacket.
I hold my head high when I am wearing something that stands out.
After-all, why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Rise Up

I have this odd habit of hearing beautiful words, typing them into the Notes section of my phone, and never giving credit to those who spoke them. Whenever I’m feeling bored I go into my Notes App and read through the latest and greatest words, it’s where I find all of my inspiration for my writing.

Ironically one word continues to pop up when I go through my Notes, the word RISE. I’ve been hearing this word since the start of the year. First I saw the Rachel Hollis movie, I then heard it on some podcasts, read about the word in books, and even fell in love with the song “Rise Up”.

I never took any notice of it until recently. I was thinking about my life and the circumstances I’ve been through and thought to myself, “I constantly rise”. Even when I have no idea what I’m doing, even when I’m broken, even when I have no where else to go, I rise.

I get up and I face the next thing headed my way.
When Cooper was diagnosed with cancer I told myself that his fight was preparing me for something worse. Then he died. I told myself the same thing once he passed, this is not the worst thing that will happen to you.
I do this because I believe I should allow those circumstances to PREPARE me for whats coming next.
After all, losing my brother to cancer at 20 is not going to be the only bad thing that happens to me in my life.
I had to teach myself to rise up.
I had to embrace the struggle and RISE UP.

I could have let his passing defeat me. I could have gone numb and completely ignored what happened. But I didn’t. I chose to not only work through the loss, but to be vulnerable to help other people heal.

The point I am trying to make is, you can choose to let your struggles defeat you or you can choose to rise above them and GROW.

You were not created to sit in quick sand.
You were created to RUN INTO ADVENTURE. Elliot Bisnow once said, “Adventures only happen to the adventurous”. By rising up, you are choosing to be adventurous. You are choosing to change your destiny.

I will choose to rise.
I will choose to be better than I was yesterday, to learn from my mistakes, to create joy.

Are you rising up out of your circumstances? Are you choosing adventure?

“You can fear everything and run, or you can fear everything and rise”


Lets talk about you.

You beautiful, mysterious, courageous human.

You have conquered the unimaginable and continue to climb the mountain of life without looking down. You have the persistence of a cheetah hunting for its prey.

Life’s been hard for you. You’ve been hurt, entangled with fear and bitterness.

But still, you rise up. You blossom into the most beautiful version of you.

You don’t even realize it do you? How astonishingly amazing you are. How WORTHY you are to be in this world. How this world NEEDS you?

You offer something to this world that is completely unique.

There is only one of you.


Sister, stop sitting around complaining about your life. Take control, go out and get what you want out of YOUR life. You only get one, very short, life. It was not meant to be lived worrying about losing weight, being rich, or if the guy at work likes you. Life is meant to be lived.

You have to go out and find the thing that sets your soul on fire and do more of it. You have to work at it every day, even when its hard, you have to keep going. You have to remind yourself of your WHY and learn HOW you can get there.

Girlfriend, you have to learn that if you don’t start choosing to taking care of yourself FIRST, then you will always be last.

You deserve to choose yourself.
You deserve to live a life you LOVE.
You deserve to deeply believe in yourself.
You deserve to feel confident, beautiful, and LOVED.

But that all starts with you.