But I’m closer than I was yesterday.

My latest post titled “I hate running” was all about perspective, about choosing to see the positive by starting your day off with something hard, for me I chose running.

I’ve struggled with goals because I am the type of person that likes to see the results right away. I want to take a face mask off and have a clear complexion, work out once and have a six pack, write one blog and then be interviewed by Ellen. You get where I’m coming from right? I want immediate satisfaction. But every personal development guru will tell you, nothing happens over night. All high performers work years to finally hit the jackpot and we are no different friends, we have to put in the work.

It’s been hard training for this 5k and reminding myself I won’t be able to run the full 5k tomorrow, I will just be able to run a little bit more each day. The same goes for my blog, I started it in May of 2018 and have been blessed to see growth, but I can’t expect to have millions of people reading it when I just started out. I need to focus on the little victories, adding a half a mile to my distance, speeding up, focusing on the followers and readers I currently have instead of serving people who don’t know my content yet.

I need to take time to be gracious and remind myself the goal is always to be better than I was yesterday.

I need to remember that I’m closer to my goals than I was yesterday.

If I put in the work each day, eventually all those days will add up to big results. But I have to work hard and show up every single day. Even when I don’t want too.

Maybe you’re working towards a goal in your life or just a healthier lifestyle. Maybe its a dream or just to be more organized. Here’s a little reminder that things don’t happen over night. You need to WORK. WORK. WORK. You need to work when your brain says you don’t want too. You need to show up to the spin class when your body says no. You need to write the blog post when you aren’t feeling creative. Because one day after all that work, you’ll see the results, and you’ll feel damn proud.

Just remember, today you are closer than you were yesterday, and tomorrow you will be closer than you were today.

Progress not perfection.

I hate running

Correction… i hate any cardio. thats why I am a pilates instructor… little to no cardio (hello jumpboards!)

But I spent most of the 2018 year telling myself I was going to run next year. So rolling into 2019, running a 5k and possibly a 10k went on the top of my list. I’m proud to say that since the first of the year I’ve ran 3 days a week every week. AND yesterday I ran TWO whole stinkin miles WITHOUT STOPPING. YEP. NO BREAKS. Just me and my running shoes.

Now the truth is, I HATE running. I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it. and i definitely don’t want to get out of my bed before 10, so getting up at 5:30 is basically my version of hell.

But i’m doing it.


Because I made a promise to myself. I set the goal. and when I make a promise to myself, I follow through.

What promises have you made to yourself? Are you keeping them or falling through the cracks?

With the new year comes new promises, we begin to tell ourselves that we are going to live healthier lives, overcome financial struggles, or even put ourselves out there more. ALL of that stuff is great, but what are you telling yourself if you actually never do those things?

You’re telling yourself that you are not worth the commitment. That you are not worth the effort it takes to get up and run at 5:30 in the morning or the effort it takes to go out and be a bit more social.

But friends, you are SO worth it. The time you put into keeping promises to yourself is the time that will ultimately define how you view yourself. So you’re struggling with confidence and self worth? Think about how many promises you’ve broke, think about how many times you said you were going to work out or do something for yourself and then you broke that promise. You didn’t do it. You’ve now told your inner self that you are not worth taking the time out of your day to love yourself.

I’m not saying you need to become a runner to keep promises to yourself. But I am saying that the first few minutes of your morning are critical, they set the tone for your day. If you wake up and accomplish something hard, something that you promised yourself you would do, then you’ve already conquered the day. You’ve told the world that this day is YOURS. The rest of the day you will accomplish great things, because you’ve already accomplished the hardest thing of the day, running 2 miles.

“Today is just another chance to get better”

The why behind the website

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding WHY I updated my website.

The honest truth? I was OVER blogging. I hated it. I had totally lost the passion and creativity behind my writing and my website. I thought, why not just continue with my Instagram audience and leave the blog behind?

Then I met some AMAZING ladies at the Sip & Mingle event. Meeting other bloggers and getting to hear there WHY made me more excited to share mine.

The first thing I knew I had to do to change my perspective on blogging was to update my website, I was over the look and really wanted something I enjoyed looking at. I totally stumbled upon Mandy’s Instagram stories (@simpleandprettyco) one day and realized she was helping other people with their blogs. SO I REACHED OUT TO HER! I think this is something a lot of people are scared to do, ask for help. I’m never scared to admit I don’t know what I am doing and use my resources and the people around me to better my content.

I asked her if she would be willing to meet up and look over my website and how I could improve and of course she said yes!

Mandy has built an extraordinary following, business, empire, and of course blog. She is someone I admire and I am grateful for her time and patience with helping me build this new website. Not only has she built her blog and boutique, she has recently started branding workshops through her brand #sipandmingle!

If you’re interested in reaching out to Mandy, feel free to contact her through direct message on Instagram, @simpleandprettyco

Besides helping you build a website, Mandy does do mentorships. She only has certain spots available and you have to go through an interview process before she accepts you as a student. For more information don’t hesitate to message her! She is so friendly, kind, and responds super fast!

Like most bloggers would agree, my blog is my baby. When I wanted to find someone to help me achieve my website goals, I knew it had to be just the right person who wanted me to succeed as much as I did. Mandy did that and so much more, she has become a great friend, mentor, and of course, website builder! Thank you for all you’ve done Mandy!

Friends, if you need help building a website, are looking for a mentor, or just want a new blogger to follow on Instagram Mandy is your girl! Check her out!

Instagram: @simpleandprettyco

Blog: simpleandprettyco.net


Hello my beautiful tribe!

Welcome to 2019! For several reasons my blog has been neglected, but one major reason was I was ready to let me UPGRADE ya!

Gracious & Grateful is ready to level up this year and it started with a fresh look! So, before we hop into the first post of 2019, WELCOME TO GRACIOUS & GRATEFUL! A blog focused on all the things… literally… fashion to loss we’ve got it all!

This year I am determined to put more of my personality into this blog. I want to write beautiful things but I also want to write in a way that you hear the tone of my voice.

Building my brand is an evolving project that I am so grateful for, but I have to remember to be true to who I am and why I originally started this blog, to remember and share my story.


A little inspo for all my BOSS BABES out there, you know the ones, the girls who are grinding to chase their dreams. The ones who are sacrificing everything to be a better human.



Your dream is important and it deserves to be shared with the world. Your story needs to be heard. People need to hear it.

What are your goals for 2019?

What kind of BOSS BABE do you want to be? Do you want to start your own blog? Do you want to start a business, or a family? Do you want to start a candy shop or be rap star? DO IT GIRLFRIEND! LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Take the risk and make the moves.

You might fail, hell thats the absolute best thing that could happen to you. Success is built on a mountain full of failures, the more you fail the higher your mountain will be.

BOSS BABE, go chase your dreams. go dance as if no one is watching. go be whoever the heck you were meant to be. live fearlessly and love passionately. be proud of the woman God created you to be and do not waste this life worrying about other peoples opinions, you’re better than that.

There is no better day than today to get what you want out of this life.

Go get em BOSS BABE, and don’t forget to be gracious & grateful while you’re doing it.

xoxo, @sassandkass

Love Thyself

lately i’ve been figuring out how to love those who irritate me.

now i know someone just read that and got super offended because i said that people irritate me, but life is too short to worry about offending other people.

lets face it, in a world full of 7.53 billion people, we’re bound to find a couple we just don’t agree with. but God doesn’t call us to get along with every person he’s made, he calls us to love them. even if we don’t agree with them, or they annoy us, and especially when they hurt us.

we have to love them.

i struggle with that last one and i’m sure you do too. loving someone who HURT us? after all the pain they caused us, after the continued trauma or abuse or whatever the case may be, i need to love them? you may be thinking that they don’t deserve your love.

but who are you to say that they don’t deserve love?

you deserve love. and i’m sure you’ve hurt a lot of people too.

the key to loving someone who has hurt you is through forgiveness.

you must forgive them, no matter the circumstances and you must move on.

that is how you grow, love people, and more importantly find love for yourself.

you cannot love with a bitter heart. you cannot be kind to others when you have anger deeply rooted in the pain someone else has caused you, or the pain you caused yourself.

you see, i’ve realized that you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. you also can’t love someone, until you’ve learned to love yourself.

yes our job is to love thy neighbor, but what people often forget is to love thyself.

learn to love the difficult people in your life by learning to love yourself first. to be fully devoted to being a better human we must love.